About Limar

Belgian chocolates since 1983

The most delicious Belgian pralines are made at Limar. Our passion and sense for innovation are reflected in the taste. We have been contributing to our rich chocolate culture for 35 years now and we are proud to say that our family business belongs to the top in Belgium. It is already the 3rd generation’s turn and we export chocolate to more than 30 countries worldwide.

The Limar pralines are known for their phenomenal flavour, artisanal character and superb quality. The result of a dedicated production process: a unique combination of modern machinery and craft work. Our team creates surprising Belgian pralines with the best natural ingredients. As a private label manufacturer, we develop chocolate adjusted to the needs and desires of our customers.

We distribute through the retail market from our location in Turnhout and offer great variety throughout the year, supplemented with seasonal articles for Easter, Christmas, St. Nicholas, etc. Chocolate always delivers satisfaction, enjoy it!

Sustainable business

Sustainable entrepreneurship is embedded in our DNA

We produce chocolate with great respect for the human being and the living environment. This is the reason why we pay a lot of attention to the sustainable cultivation of cocoa. We have partnered with Barry Callebaut in committing ourselves to Cocoa Horizons, whereby we support the communities in the countries our cocoa originates from. Our continuous objective is to create a better life for the local farmers and to use honest ingredients. This is inextricably linked to the Limar quality.

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