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Belgian pralines without alcohol

Pamper your taste buds with non-alcoholic pralines. As an innovative chocolate producer, we continuously try to expand our assortment and to contribute to a healthy and rich chocolate culture. Our range of non-alcoholic pralines responds to sweet teeth of all ages who want to fully enjoy a praline without the taste of alcohol. The assortment includes chocolate in all kinds of styles, with or without wrapping paper, and uniquely decorated. Our non-alcoholic pralines have an excellent reputation in Belgium and abroad because they are extremely tasteful and suitable to everyone. Experience it yourself!

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Our pralines

Rio MILK Chocolate: Milk art. 70020 Meer details
Filling: Maple syrup with nut pieces Weight : 12 gram EP-number: EP01002 Download technical datasheet
Capri WHITE Chocolate: White art. 60070 Meer details
Filling: Mocha - crispy hazelnut filling Weight : 12 gram EP-number: EP01003 Download technical datasheet
Floris hazelnutcream Chocolate: White art. 70030 Meer details
Filling: Gianduja Weight : 15 gram EP-number: EP01004 Download technical datasheet
Manon crisp MILK Chocolate: Milk art. 70040 Meer details
Filling: Hazelnut filling with crispy rice Weight : 16 gram EP-number: EP01006 Download technical datasheet
Cleopatra MILK hazelnut cream Chocolate: Milk art. 70050 Meer details
Filling: Nut cream Weight : 13,50 gram EP-number: EP01007 Download technical datasheet
Vltaire DARK hazelnutfilling nutmeg Chocolate: DARK art. 60090 Meer details
Filling: Hazelnut filling with nutmeg Weight : 9,50 gram EP-number: EP01008 Download technical datasheet
Orleans MILK crème brûlée Chocolate: Milk art. 70280 Meer details
Filling: Crème brûlée Weight : 14 gram EP-number: EP01009 Download technical datasheet
Lyon MILK hazelnutfiling with cookies Chocolate: Milk art. 60110 Meer details
Filling: Hazelnut filling with cookies Weight : 10,50 gram EP-number: EP01011 Download technical datasheet
Salvador MILK Chocolate: Milk art. 60120 Meer details
Filling: Hazelnut filling with caramelised nuts Weight : 10 gram EP-number: EP01012 Download technical datasheet
Mona Lisa MILK hazelnutfilling with cinnamon and nuts Chocolate: Milk art. 70080 Meer details
Filling: Hazelnut filling with cinnamon and nuts Weight : 13,50 gram EP-number: EP01015 Download technical datasheet
Myrthe MILK cream Chocolate: Milk art. 60140 Meer details
Filling: Cream Weight : 14,50 gram EP-number: EP01016 Download technical datasheet
Aube MILK chocolat mousse Chocolate: Milk art. 70090 Meer details
Filling: Chocolate mousse Weight : 13,50 gram EP-number: EP01017 Download technical datasheet
Anvers WHITE vanilla cream Chocolate: White art. 70100 Meer details
Filling: Vanilla cream Weight : 14 gram EP-number: EP01019 Download technical datasheet
Valentine MILK deco apricot mint Chocolate: Milk art. 60290 Meer details
Filling: Apricot marmelade with a touch of mint Weight : 10,50 gram EP-number: EP01021 Download technical datasheet
Cortona DARK, chocolate mousse with vanilla Chocolate: DARK art. 70120 Meer details
Filling: Chocolate mousse with vanilla Weight : 15 gram EP-number: EP01022 Download technical datasheet
Marseille MILk dark chocolate filling Chocolate: Milk art. 70130 Meer details
Filling: DARK chocolate ganache Weight : 13,50 gram EP-number: EP01024 Download technical datasheet
Toledo DARK Chocolate: DARK art. 60170 Meer details
Filling: Hazelnut filling Weight : 14 gram EP-number: EP01025 Download technical datasheet
Jeanne d'Arc WHITE almondfilling Chocolate: White art. 70140 Meer details
Filling: Almond filling Weight : 15,50 gram EP-number: EP01026 Download technical datasheet
Almond MILK, hazelnut filling Chocolate: Milk art. 60190 Meer details
Filling: Hazelnut filling Weight : 15 gram EP-number: EP01029 Download technical datasheet
Eleonore WHITE roasted caramel Chocolate: White art. 70170 Meer details
Filling: Roasted caramel Weight : 18 gram EP-number: EP01031 Download technical datasheet
Santen WHITE soft coconutfilling Chocolate: White art. 70310 Meer details
Filling: Manon with soft coconutfilling Weight : 14 gram EP-number: EP01035 Download technical datasheet
Ghandi DARK latte macchiato Chocolate: DARK art. 70220 Meer details
Filling: Latte macchiato Weight : 14,50 gram EP-number: EP01040 Download technical datasheet
Leuven MILK Chocolate: Milk art. 70230 Meer details
Filling: Nut cream Weight : 16 gram EP-number: EP01042 Download technical datasheet
Violette WHITE Chocolate: White art. 60260 Meer details
Filling: Hazelnut filling Weight : 14,50 gram EP-number: EP01046 Download technical datasheet
Bretagne MILK salted butter caramel Chocolate: Milk art. 66460 Meer details
Filling: Caramel with salted butter Weight : 14,50 gram EP-number: EP01202 Download technical datasheet
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