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Thanks to our year-round assortment of Belgian pralines and chocolate, you always have something tasty in your cupboard. To enjoy yourself, or to offer your friends and family. Just press the pause button for a minute, eat a delicious Limar praline, and your day keeps getting better. From traditional chocolate with praline to surprising pralines with ganache or egg liquor… we have the most delicious Belgian pralines to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. We produce our pralines using the most modern techniques together with craft work. That is reflected in the flavour and in our high-quality and durable year-round assortment. Which praline is your favourite? Make your choice.

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Our pralines

Diamond DARK, banana cream Chocolate: DARK art. 60060 Meer details
Filling: Banana cream Weight : 14,50 gram EP-number: EP01000 Download technical datasheet
VIenna WHITE Applestrudel Chocolate: White art. 70270 Meer details
Filling: Apple strüdel Weight : 15 gram EP-number: EP01001 Download technical datasheet
Rio MILK Chocolate: Milk art. 70020 Meer details
Filling: Maple syrup with nut pieces Weight : 12 gram EP-number: EP01002 Download technical datasheet
Capri WHITE Chocolate: White art. 60070 Meer details
Filling: Mocha - crispy hazelnut filling Weight : 12 gram EP-number: EP01003 Download technical datasheet
Floris hazelnutcream Chocolate: White art. 70030 Meer details
Filling: Gianduja Weight : 15 gram EP-number: EP01004 Download technical datasheet
Passion DARK passionfruit caramel Chocolate: DARK art. 60270 Meer details
Filling: Caramel passion fruit Weight : 14 gram EP-number: EP01005 Download technical datasheet
Manon crisp MILK Chocolate: Milk art. 70040 Meer details
Filling: Hazelnut filling with crispy rice Weight : 16 gram EP-number: EP01006 Download technical datasheet
Cleopatra MILK hazelnut cream Chocolate: Milk art. 70050 Meer details
Filling: Nut cream Weight : 13,50 gram EP-number: EP01007 Download technical datasheet
Vltaire DARK hazelnutfilling nutmeg Chocolate: DARK art. 60090 Meer details
Filling: Hazelnut filling with nutmeg Weight : 9,50 gram EP-number: EP01008 Download technical datasheet
Orleans MILK crème brûlée Chocolate: Milk art. 70280 Meer details
Filling: Crème brûlée Weight : 14 gram EP-number: EP01009 Download technical datasheet
Nantes MILK salted caramel Chocolate: Milk art. 70060 Meer details
Filling: Salted caramel Weight : 13,50 gram EP-number: EP01010 Download technical datasheet
Lyon MILK hazelnutfiling with cookies Chocolate: Milk art. 60110 Meer details
Filling: Hazelnut filling with cookies Weight : 10,50 gram EP-number: EP01011 Download technical datasheet
Salvador MILK Chocolate: Milk art. 60120 Meer details
Filling: Hazelnut filling with caramelised nuts Weight : 10 gram EP-number: EP01012 Download technical datasheet
Gingembre DARK Chocolate: DARK art. 60280 Meer details
Filling: Chinese ginger ganache Weight : 14 gram EP-number: EP01013 Download technical datasheet
Verona WHITE tiramisu Chocolate: White art. 70070 Meer details
Filling: Tiramisu Weight : 14 gram EP-number: EP01014 Download technical datasheet
Mona Lisa MILK hazelnutfilling with cinnamon and nuts Chocolate: Milk art. 70080 Meer details
Filling: Hazelnut filling with cinnamon and nuts Weight : 13,50 gram EP-number: EP01015 Download technical datasheet
Myrthe MILK cream Chocolate: Milk art. 60140 Meer details
Filling: Cream Weight : 14,50 gram EP-number: EP01016 Download technical datasheet
Aube MILK chocolat mousse Chocolate: Milk art. 70090 Meer details
Filling: Chocolate mousse Weight : 13,50 gram EP-number: EP01017 Download technical datasheet
Malaga DARK marzipan with rum and raisins Chocolate: DARK art. 70290 Meer details
Filling: Rum flavoured marzipan with raisins Weight : 15 gram EP-number: EP01018 Download technical datasheet
Anvers WHITE vanilla cream Chocolate: White art. 70100 Meer details
Filling: Vanilla cream Weight : 14 gram EP-number: EP01019 Download technical datasheet
Berlin MILK eggliqueur cream Chocolate: Milk art. 70110 Meer details
Filling: Cream with egg liqueur Weight : 15 gram EP-number: EP01020 Download technical datasheet
Valentine MILK deco apricot mint Chocolate: Milk art. 60290 Meer details
Filling: Apricot marmelade with a touch of mint Weight : 10,50 gram EP-number: EP01021 Download technical datasheet
Cortona DARK, chocolate mousse with vanilla Chocolate: DARK art. 70120 Meer details
Filling: Chocolate mousse with vanilla Weight : 15 gram EP-number: EP01022 Download technical datasheet
Xanthe MILK soft caramel Chocolate: Milk art. 60160 Meer details
Filling: Soft caramel Weight : 13,50 gram EP-number: EP01023 Download technical datasheet
Marseille MILk dark chocolate filling Chocolate: Milk art. 70130 Meer details
Filling: DARK chocolate ganache Weight : 13,50 gram EP-number: EP01024 Download technical datasheet
Toledo DARK Chocolate: DARK art. 60170 Meer details
Filling: Hazelnut filling Weight : 14 gram EP-number: EP01025 Download technical datasheet
Jeanne d'Arc WHITE almondfilling Chocolate: White art. 70140 Meer details
Filling: Almond filling Weight : 15,50 gram EP-number: EP01026 Download technical datasheet
Lucca DARK marzipan Chocolate: DARK art. 70150 Meer details
Filling: Marzipan Weight : 17 gram EP-number: EP01027 Download technical datasheet
Brazil DARK cappucino mascarpone ganache Chocolate: DARK art. 60300 Meer details
Filling: Cappuccino mascarpone Weight : 11,50 gram EP-number: EP01028 Download technical datasheet
Almond MILK, hazelnut filling Chocolate: Milk art. 60190 Meer details
Filling: Hazelnut filling Weight : 15 gram EP-number: EP01029 Download technical datasheet
Angers DARK Chocolate: DARK art. 70160 Meer details
Filling: Orange ganache Weight : 14,50 gram EP-number: EP01030 Download technical datasheet
Eleonore WHITE roasted caramel Chocolate: White art. 70170 Meer details
Filling: Roasted caramel Weight : 18 gram EP-number: EP01031 Download technical datasheet
Bonaparte WHITE walnut cream Chocolate: White art. 70180 Meer details
Filling: Nut cream Weight : 16,50 gram EP-number: EP01032 Download technical datasheet
London MILK, caramal ganache Chocolate: Milk art. 60310 Meer details
Filling: Dark creamy caramel ganache Weight : 17,50 gram EP-number: EP01033 Download technical datasheet
Rubens MILK esprresso ganache Chocolate: Milk art. 70300 Meer details
Filling: Creamy espresso ganache Weight : 15 gram EP-number: EP01034 Download technical datasheet
Santen WHITE soft coconutfilling Chocolate: White art. 70310 Meer details
Filling: Manon with soft coconutfilling Weight : 14 gram EP-number: EP01035 Download technical datasheet
Manon WHITE Chocolate: White art. 70200 Meer details
Filling: Mocha cream Weight : 14 gram EP-number: EP01036 Download technical datasheet
Valencia MILK chocolate ganache with orange liqueur Chocolate: Milk art. 70320 Meer details
Filling: DARK ganache with orange liqueur Weight : 15 gram EP-number: EP01037 Download technical datasheet
California MILK Chocolate: Milk art. 60320 Meer details
Filling: Pistachio flavoured marzipan Weight : 13,50 gram EP-number: EP01038 Download technical datasheet
Fresia WHITE Chocolate: White art. 60330 Meer details
Filling: A rich strawberry cream Weight : 10 gram EP-number: EP01039 Download technical datasheet
Ghandi DARK latte macchiato Chocolate: DARK art. 70220 Meer details
Filling: Latte macchiato Weight : 14,50 gram EP-number: EP01040 Download technical datasheet
Leo DARK Chocolate: DARK art. 60340 Meer details
Filling: Cranberry rhubarb raspberry puree Weight : 15 gram EP-number: EP01041 Download technical datasheet
Leuven MILK Chocolate: Milk art. 70230 Meer details
Filling: Nut cream Weight : 16 gram EP-number: EP01042 Download technical datasheet
Chloë DARK raspberry cream Chocolate: DARK art. 70240 Meer details
Filling: Raspberry cream Weight : 12,50 gram EP-number: EP01043 Download technical datasheet
Bayeux DARK Calvados ganache Chocolate: DARK art. 70330 Meer details
Filling: Calvados ganache Weight : 16 gram EP-number: EP01044 Download technical datasheet
Sorrento DARK limoncello Chocolate: DARK art. 60350 Meer details
Filling: Limoncello paste Weight : 13 gram EP-number: EP01045 Download technical datasheet
Violette WHITE Chocolate: White art. 60260 Meer details
Filling: Hazelnut filling Weight : 14,50 gram EP-number: EP01046 Download technical datasheet
Elliot DARK cherry ganache Chocolate: DARK art. 70340 Meer details
Filling: Cherry flavoured ganache Weight : 13,50 gram EP-number: EP01047 Download technical datasheet
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